Ye Olde Playlist…

Finally figured out how to get a playlist from SoundCloud…

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primus chorea (First Dance)

This was the first piece I wrote using “Notion 3” (, as a musical gift for my wife to celebrate the upcoming birth of our second child.  I’m looking forward to all those “first” moments we get to go through again – first breath, first moment of open eyes, first time time we put her/him in Daxy’s arms.  So, very unusually, this is an all happy piece of music for me.  I don’t think there’s even one minor chord in it.

I have great memories of a surprisingly fun Renaissance and Medieval dance class I had in college (you know, back in the bygone ancient era where PE was an actual requirement for graduation!).  The music always had very simple forms (usually ABAB or some close derivative) and lots of jangly tambourine and thumping bass drum.

I think I stole most all the musical material from that class, although there’s an extra donut for the music nerd who can tell me which Christmas song I ripped off, which instrument, which composer, and where in the piece…

So grab Ye Olde serving wench and Ye Olde flagon o’ mead and enjoy the tunage!

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noctis chorea (Night Dance)

Dax always asks me “what animals are in this song, Daddy”?  I always picture it as a clandestine war between all the various night critters – viking visored worms vs. stealth bomber owls, slingshot wielding field mice vs. lance bearing luna moths.

Lots of different musical inspirations – a bit of Tchaikovsky in the bassoons, some serious spaghetti western elements, and vague references to Eastern scale types.

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bella chorea (War Dance)

Oh so many bits of stolen goods here:  any of the Halo game soundtracks, any of the Lord of the Rings soundtracks, Thomas the Tank Engine “Day of the Diesels” soundtrack – thanks Daxy! 🙂 .

Tried to focus on using mostly Mattias Westlund’s free “Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra” library (, just to see what it can do.  It’s a pretty generous contribution of time and effort to composers everywhere, so check it out if you’re into writing Virtual Symphonic music.  And send him a “thank-you” via email – he appreciates knowing that people are utilizing his work!

He writes some great game soundtrack music, too –, so be sure and check that out, too!

Octobahn/tom bits at the beginning are 8Dio’s “Epic Room Percussion”, a great sound library company that has some truly fantastic sounds.

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Oath of the Whip (part 1 of “The Orge Lord’s Keep”)

Update:  I basically have the final form now, with some mildly enhanced orchestration.  I’m thinking I’ll make it the first part of a suite called “The Ogre Lord’s Keep” or something…


This one has something new in it (at least for me) in that I’ve deliberately avoided any sort of harmonic support for the melody.   Each tune has to survive against the bass figure on its own.  I’ve mostly gotten away with it, except for some Slavic women’s choir bits in the second section.

I picture very large, mean looking mechanized ogre-droids bearing down on some helpless steam punk village.

Who’s gonna film the movie so my music has place to live?  Any volunteers?

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exequias itinera (Funeral Passage)

A piece on grief.

The continuous and ever swarming of the G (started by the violins, picked up by the brass, passed back to the strings) symbolizes the ever present, buzz saw sensation of that missing loved one and the inescapable thoughts of their final exit.

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