bella chorea (War Dance)

Oh so many bits of stolen goods here:  any of the Halo game soundtracks, any of the Lord of the Rings soundtracks, Thomas the Tank Engine “Day of the Diesels” soundtrack – thanks Daxy! 🙂 .

Tried to focus on using mostly Mattias Westlund’s free “Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra” library (, just to see what it can do.  It’s a pretty generous contribution of time and effort to composers everywhere, so check it out if you’re into writing Virtual Symphonic music.  And send him a “thank-you” via email – he appreciates knowing that people are utilizing his work!

He writes some great game soundtrack music, too –, so be sure and check that out, too!

Octobahn/tom bits at the beginning are 8Dio’s “Epic Room Percussion”, a great sound library company that has some truly fantastic sounds.


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